Member Events

Member Events are open to Full, Corporate and Associate Multiethnic Young Leaders members. Member Events include the Speaker and Networking Series and Virtual Drinks and Kōrero Series.


The Speaker and Networking Series (SNS) is an opportunity for ethnically-diverse rangatahi to hear from inspiring and influential leaders from ethnically underrepresented backgrounds.

The purpose of the Series is to inspire, educate and empower our ethnically-diverse members and audience; normalise the presence of underrepresented minorities in positions of influence; further the discourse on diversity, equity and leadership in the workplace; and to make space for ethnically-diverse rangatahi to learn, engage and network with one another.

All talks will be recorded and made available to the general public via our website, as we are committed to making knowledge and resources available and accessible to all.

The 2022 Speaker and Networking Series is made possible through the generous support of KPMG New Zealand.


The Virtual Drinks and Kōrero Series is an opportunity for members of our community to come together in a safe and inclusive virtual space to have an open kōrero on topics that affect POC at home, at school, in the workplace, historically, globally, or in the wider community.