Programme Launch of 3 Kapu Kawhe™ at Deloitte

The official launch of the 3 Kapu Kawhe™ mentorship programme took place on the evening of Monday, March 8th, at Deloitte (Auckland).

3 Kapu Kawhe™ is a short-term mentoring programme that pairs ethnically diverse young leaders in the formative years of their careers (mentees) with experienced New Zealand executives and directors (mentors) for three life-changing conversations. Mentees pay it forward by having three cups of coffee with a student leader in tertiary education or their final year of high school (student mentee), creating a ripple effect of mentorship and empowerment throughout the community.

Speakers for the evening included Chief Executive of Deloitte, Mike Horne, along with Multiethnic Young Leaders Board Members: Te Ariki Te Puni, Māori Vice-Chair at Multiethnic Young Leaders NZ, and Michelle Huang, Chair and Interim-GM at Multiethnic Young Leaders.

See below for photos from the evening. Mentee and Student Mentee applications are currently open and close on Sunday 11th of June. For this year only, we’ll also be accepting applications from individuals who intend to apply to become a Full or Associate MYLN Member in 2024. You can learn more about the programme here.